We recognise as a dancer, its is important to have an excellent portfolio of images that highlight your range of talent and personality. They say first impressions count, and often it is your portfolio that is viewed first by a potential employer, and having an amazing set of images will open the door. At NRHphoto, we want to give you something that will put you at the top and give you every opportunity to succeed.

Our shoots are different from other photographers, and no two shoots are the same. Your photo shoot will be carefully planned, selecting stunning backdrops that will highlight your style, strength, ability and technique. Working together we will bring a wide range of creative ideas that will result in a portfolio of beautiful images that you can take forward into your career, and will also give you a visual understanding of what you can achieve.




Hi, I am Neil, the man behind the lens. Since picking up a camera, quite a few years ago, I have always had a soft spot for Dance Photography. I never knew how far I could take this until I had a crazy idea where I wanted to take dancers out of their comfort zone, being the studio, and out into a natural environment. This started with shooting in city streets, and now it has expanded to coastlines, waterfalls and sweeping landscapes that polish off each image quite beautifully.


I enjoy working with dancers of all abilities, and believe everybody should be given the opportunity to show what they are capable of. My photography is fun and creative and I take great pride in sharing this experience with you and helping you fulfil your dreams.


I love travel, discovering new places and capturing culture. I also enjoy sharing these experiences through my Youtube Channel, so as a bonus feature feel free to ask as I am always looking for dancers who are happy to show off their skills in front of the video camera.


I have been trained by Professional Photographer and Nikon School UK Training Manager Neil Freeman and I have also shot with Youtube Dance Photography Celebrity Jordan Matter, in Dorset, England.


Always smiling, loving life, and my passion for photography can be seen through my portfolio of images I have shot over the years.


Do I Have To Be Experienced?


Not at all! We work with dancers at all levels and it is important to communicate that the dance shoots are all about you, what you can achieve and your own capabilities. We will work with you throughout the shoot, and come up with ideas to see what you are comfortable with, and most of the time you will end up creating a move successfully never tried before and be blown away.


How Much Does The Photo Shoot Cost?


As a guide price please see our Pricing Page. We are happy to put together a package for you to tailor to your needs; in addition we are happy to travel to any location.


Can I Bring Different Costumes?


Please feel free to bring a range of clothing for the shoot. It is good to change clothing as this will give you a completely different look. We will work together in selecting outfits against each background, as we really want you to stand out. To assist you, we advise dancers to wear something bright, and something that reflects the environment they are in. For example, if we were shooting in a city street you may want to go for a street style look, or even a dinner dress.


How Old Do I Have To Be?


There is no age limit, however, if you are under the age of 18 we will require permission from your parents or guardian


What Shoes Should I Wear?


This is entirely up to you. Some of the dancers we have shot before like to go bare foot to shoe toes, or soft ballet shoes etc. However you may want to go on pointe so please bring your pointe shoes.


I Am Nervous and Not Sure What to Expect?


Your in luck, I also get nervous before each shoot. To help you, check out our Youtube Channel as there are a few videos we have created to show you what we do and how we work with the dancers to get the best results. As you will see we have a lot of fun and it won’t take long for those butterflies to disappear.